June 13, 2024

DOK Level 1: Recall and Reproduction:

FigJam can be used for basic tasks such as recalling facts and simple procedures. For instance, students can use sticky notes to list key terms or sequence steps in a process, aiding in the retention of foundational knowledge.

DOK Level 2: Skills and Concepts:

FigJam supports activities that involve comparing, organizing, and summarizing information. Students can create flowcharts or mind maps to compare concepts, organize their thoughts, and summarize content, helping them make connections and understand relationships.

DOK Level 3: Strategic Thinking:

FigJam excels at fostering strategic thinking through problem-solving and decision-making activities. Students can engage in collaborative problem-solving sessions, where they hypothesize solutions, analyze data, and debate different approaches, thus honing their analytical and reasoning skills.

DOK Level 4: Extended Thinking:

FigJam’s open-ended canvas is perfect for complex tasks that require extended thinking. Students can embark on long-term projects, conduct in-depth research, and create detailed presentations. They can iterate on their ideas, receive peer feedback, and refine their work over time, mirroring real-world scenarios and enhancing their critical thinking abilities.