Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

With over 1.5 billion customers worldwide, Gmail has simply change into essentially the most generally used electronic mail shopper for individuals internationally extensive internet. Actually, many individuals use Gmail for each their private {and professional} electronic mail accounts, and it’s simple to see why whenever you have a look at all the implausible options and automations Gmail provides its customers.

If you wish to save time and enhance your productiveness each time you test your electronic mail, this record of Gmail keyboard shortcuts will certainly assist.

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Be aware: Earlier than you should utilize any keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, you will have to allow the usage of keyboard shortcuts by going to “Settings -> See All Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts.”

Home windows macOS Operate
Compose & Chat
C C Compose electronic mail.
Shift + C Shift + C Compose electronic mail in a brand new window.
or 0
or O
Open electronic mail.
N N Subsequent message in an open dialog.
P P Earlier message in an open dialog.
Shift + Esc Shift + Esc Focus primary window.
Esc Esc Focus newest chat or compose.
Ctrl + Interval (.) Cmnd + Interval (.) Advance to the following chat or compose.
Ctrl + Comma (,) Cmnd + Comma (,) Advance to earlier chat or compose.
Ctrl + Enter Cmnd + Return Ship a message.
Ctrl + Shift + C Cmnd + Shift + C Add cc recipients.
Ctrl + Shift + B Cmnd + Shift + B Add bcc recipients.
Ctrl + Shift + F Cmnd + Shift + F Entry customized from.
Ctrl + Ok Cmnd + Ok Insert a hyperlink.
Cmnd + Semicolon (;) Go to subsequent misspelled phrase (Mac solely).
Ctrl + M Cmnd + M Open spelling recommendations.
/ / Search Mail.
Q Q Search Chat contacts.
Interval (.) Interval (.) Open “Extra Actions” menu.
V V Open “Transfer To” menu.
L L Open “Label As” menu.
? ? Open Keyboard Shortcut Assist.
G + N G + N Go to subsequent web page.
G + P G + P Go to earlier web page.
U U Again to string record.
Ok Ok Newer dialog.
J J Older dialog.
Backtick (`) Backtick (`) Go to the following Inbox part.
~ ~ Go to earlier Inbox part.
# # Transfer dialog to trash.
V V Transfer dialog to a unique folder.
S S Provides a star to any electronic mail.
! ! Marks message as spam
R R Reply to sender.
Shift + R Shift + R Reply to the message in a brand new window.
A A Replies to all senders.
Shift + A Shift + A Replies to all senders in a brand new window.
F F Ahead message.
Shift + F Shift + F Ahead message in a brand new window.
Shift + I Shift + I Marks message as learn.
Shift + U Shift + U Marks message as unread.
Shift + N Shift + N Updates present dialog.
Plus (+) Plus (+) Mark as essential.
Minus (-) Minus (-) Mark as not essential.
B B Snooze dialog.
Semicolon (;) Semicolon (;) Increase dialog.
Colon (:) Colon (:) Collapse dialog.
G + A G + A Open All Mail folder.
G + S G + S Open Starred folder.
G + C G + C Open Contacts.
G + D G + D Open Drafts.
G + L G + L Strikes cursor to go looking field with Label operator.
G + I G + I Return to Inbox.
G + T G + T Transfer to Despatched Mail.
G + Ok G + Ok Go to Duties.
Formatting Textual content
Ctrl + Shift + 5 Cmnd + Shift + 5 Earlier font.
Ctrl + Shift + 6 Cmnd + Shift + 6 Subsequent font.
Ctrl + Shift + Minus (-) Cmnd + Shift + Minus (-) Lower textual content dimension.
Ctrl + Shift + Plus (+) Ctrl + Shift + Plus (+) Enhance textual content dimension.
Ctrl + B Cmnd + B Daring font.
Ctrl + I Cmnd + I Italicize font.
Ctrl + U Cmnd + U Underline font.
Ctrl + Shift + 7 Cmnd + Shift + 7 Numbered record.
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Cmnd + Shift + 8 Bullet record.
Ctrl + Shift + 9 Cmnd + Shift + 9 Quote.
Ctrl + [ Cmnd + [ Indent less.
Ctrl + ] Cmnd + ] Indent extra.
Ctrl + Shift + L Cmnd + Shift + L Align left.
Ctrl + Shift + E Cmnd + Shift + E Align middle.
Ctrl + Shift + R Cmnd + Shift + R Align proper.
Ctrl + Cmnd + Take away formatting.

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