June 25, 2024

Angel Alonso, 30 year animation veteran and iClone animator

This video showcases a render test by Angel Alonso, a seasoned 30 year veteran in animation industry. Angel utilizes Character Creator and iClone to bring characters to life, often employing ZBrush during the creation process for added detail and precision.

For this particular project, he integrated a bit of color grading using Hitfilm to enhance the visual appeal and achieve the desired look.

What sets Angel’s work apart is his unique technique for achieving toon lines. He employs an old macro he developed years ago for Photoshop, which allows him to extract these lines effectively, adding a distinct and stylish touch to his animations.

Angel’s deep understanding of various software and his innovative approach to animation make his work stand out in the industry. By blending traditional skills with modern technology, he creates compelling and visually stunning animations that capture the audience’s imagination.

This render test is a testament to Angel’s dedication to his craft and his continuous pursuit of excellence. Follow along to see more of his creative journey and the fascinating techniques he employs in his projects. 🎨 #Animation #CharacterCreator #iClone #ZBrush #Hitfilm #Photoshop #ToonLines

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