April 13, 2024

Fasteners have a variety of purposes in numerous industries. Whereas some folks say they use screws, others could say they have to work primarily with bolts. For normal folks, confusion arises with these two phrases. Amongst these, probably the most used fasteners are lag screws and lag bolts.

Are these two technically totally different in construction and produce other functions? Right here, we’ve tried to present you particulars to know the distinction between lag screws and bolts and the way these two can be utilized rather than one another when wanted.

What’s a Lag Screw?

A lag screw is a screw with a hexagonal head that’s usually used to compress and be a part of fracture fragments of various supplies like massive timber, wooden, metallic, and so forth. The lag screws are specifically designed to bear the intense load of becoming a member of these heavier supplies and are a few of the sturdiest fasteners used within the industrial sector.

The lag screws have been initially used to affix barrel staves or lags. Therefore, these initially grew to become often known as lag screws with time. Largely, the lag screws are made with stainless-steel, zinc metal alloy, scorching dip galvanized materials, and so forth.

The best way to Set up the Lag Screws?

The set up of the lag screw is as follows-

  • First, you need to be a part of the screw with clamps together with the items.
  • Subsequent, you have to drill a gap of the identical diameter because the screw shit within the materials.
  • Then you have to use the gimmel level to drag the screw inside the outlet and repair the joints.
  • When you use lag screws with hex heads, you have to use a driver bit and an influence drill to drill the screw as a replacement.

The best way to Use a Lag Screw?

Lag screws are primarily used to affix massive items of timber collectively. Since these screws are very robust, they’ll maintain up items and their excessive weight very properly. Therefore, the screws are utilized in development websites, making ships or wood gadgets, and so forth. Lag screws are additionally utilized in making boats, submarines, and underwater buildings as properly/

Lag Screw Vs Lag Bolt

Properly, lag bolts are specifically designed threaded bolts with sq. or hex heads. The lag scenes are typically ¼ inch thick to make sure these might be sturdy sufficient to bear the load. In actuality, the lag bolts and lag screws are the identical. In different phrases, one merchandise is referred with the identify lag screws and lag bolts,

When you take a look at the buildings of screws and bolts, you will discover that bolt bolts include a threaded machine line and might be simply mounted. Then again, you want to reduce threads within the materials and switch the screws to suit them within the gap.

Now, the phrase “lag” is hooked up to the bigger gadgets; most lag bolts are one inch lengthy with a thickness of ¼ inch or extra. Briefly, these are larger than every other bolts; therefore, these are known as lag bolts or screws. So, for those who discover somebody who refers to lag bolts and one other who talks about lag screws, each are technically speaking about the identical merchandise.

What Are The Numerous Sorts Of Lag Bolts?

Listed below are the frequent varieties of lag bolts-

  • Silicon bronze lag bolts : are made with copper alloy and are generally utilized in wood boats. Because of the presence of copper, the boats can deal with water and associated corrosion higher. Most silicon bronze lag bolts have a hex head and are six inches lengthy. Such bolts are additionally used for high-heat environments or in locations with excessive marine situations.
  • Sizzling dipped galvanized lag bolts : The stainless-steel made bolts are galvanized and include galvanized butts. The molten Zinc creates a bonded alloy coating on the screws. The bolts even have a bigger threading design to make sure the galvanized coating will not be broken throughout set up. These are extremely corrosion-resistant and might be simply utilized in coastal areas additionally.
  • Zinc-plated lag bolts : The zinc-plated lag bolts are made with stainless-steel and a superb coating of Zinc. It makes them rust-resistant and can be utilized in common work. It’s commonest for case-hardened fastening works. You’ll find the bolts in numerous sizes. However, the zinc coating will not be highly effective sufficient, and these bolts usually are not beneficial for excessive situations.
  • Chrome steel 18-8 lag bolts : These are made with 304 or 305-grade stainless-steel and are extremely corrosion-resistant. Therefore, these bolts are primarily used for exterior works or marine utility tasks. The screws are a dimension of 6 inches with a thickness of three/8 inch. On prime of that, lag bolts additionally include coarse thread with a threading sample. Most stainless-steel screens include a hex head for comfort. One other model is made with 316-stainless metal with the best corrosion resistance energy and is simply utilized in excessive saltwater situations.


The lag bolts or lag screws are technically the identical merchandise. These are stronger and bigger screws that mix massive timber or metal items. These screws additionally don’t require pre-drilling and final for a very long time.