June 25, 2024

On the heels of their recent Gold win at Ciclope Latino 2024 for their animated sustainability initiative for LG Appliances, ‘Better Choices Make a Better World’, LOBO looks to double down on a discipline they’ve been quietly excelling in for years. Their back catalogue of outstanding animation-led projects often includes live-action elements, but as the industry continues to shift, the speed at which they adapt is fast becoming one of their biggest strengths.

With the recent noise surrounding generative art, for example, LOBO utilized AI for the concepting phase of their film, ‘SAP Office Cat’. Working in collaboration with BBDO NY and SAP the project featured an animated cat painted in the style of Van Gogh. While the mischievous feline was created using traditional CG techniques, the use of AI early in the process hints at a myriad of future applications for this groundbreaking technology.

With the rise in popularity of mixed-media work, clients have increased their demand for one supplier to fulfil their needs. The all-new live-action division will help LOBO solve their clients’ problems while positioning them as a robust production company with a deep well of talent. “We’ve been actively involved in live-action productions for many years, but it’s become such an integral part of our studio that we feel now is the right time to develop it further,” says LOBO Managing Partner Luis Ribeiro. “All live-action division work and directors will be displayed front and center on our website to showcase our diversity of skill set and extremely talented team.”

The new division will hit the ground running with an impressive roster of directors, including Coutinho&Batti, Felipe Mansur, Gabriel Dietrich, Ricardo Carelli, Sebastien Caudron, Gabriel Nobrega, Mateus Santos, and Joao Tenorio. The live-action division is poised for international operations, with LOBO well-equipped to serve clients worldwide. The strategy includes expanding their presence in the US market, with full live production services being led by innovative-minded NY-based EP Paul Amorese. Meanwhile, their HQ in Brazil boasts a state-of-the-art studio, which regularly attracts US brands to South America.

One high-impact example is Coca-Cola crushing its iconic logo to encourage people to recycle their favorite drink containers. Created by Ogilvy New York and produced by LOBO, the ‘Recycle Me’ campaign featured out-of-home and social media pieces that showed the famous wordmark crumpled, crinkled and wrinkled in a myriad of ways.

For more details om LOBO and its live-action division, visit their website lobo.cx


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