June 25, 2024

Alejandro de Pasquale – Motion Graphic Artist / 3D Animator / Filmmaker / Content Creator

Alejandro de Pasquale

Since the age of 9, Alejandro de Pasquale embarked on a creative journey, crafting his first rudimentary comics and discovering his fervent passion for storytelling. With each passing year, Alejandro honed his creativity, delving into diverse tools and skills to encapsulate narratives across a spectrum of challenges.

From scripting movies to producing motion graphics for various enterprises, Alejandro explored the avenues of storytelling, eventually finding his true calling in breathing life into characters and immersive 3D worlds. It was through the transformative power of software like iClone and Character Creator (CC) that Alejandro delved into the world of 3D animation, discovering new dimensions to his storytelling prowess.


In his latest short film – SOLDIER , Alejando has embarked on using several tools.

The concept involved utilizing characters and settings from the Unreal marketplace, depicting soldiers surrounding someone attempting to escape. Alejandro de Pasquale employed various tools for the animation process:

  1. Motorica: Utilized for character movements, particularly for creating paths that adapt to the terrain, such as turning corners.
  2. ActorCore Reallusion : Rifle Combat – Assault: This pack provided ideal animations for soldiers patrolling the scene. The animations were downloaded in iClone with the Dummy and then retargeted for use on military robot characters in Unreal.
  3. Mixamo: Used for additional animations to complement the scene.
  4. Epidemic Sound: Provided music and sound effects to enhance the atmosphere of the animation.

This exercise also served as a learning opportunity, allowing Alejandro to become proficient in managing a large number of characters on stage and refining his workflow. For instance, the process involved positioning each character, attaching weapons, executing actions such as shooting, and repeating these steps for all characters. The final assembly was done in Unreal Engine, utilizing Sequencer to orchestrate the movement of characters within the scene.


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