June 13, 2024

An iOS version is also on the way according to the team.

After long last, VRChat, the immensely popular VR social platform, is finally available in alpha on Android devices, allowing you to mix and mingle with other players online via a smartphone or tablet. That said, not everyone will have access to the app at launch.

At the moment, VRChat is opening up access exclusively to subscribers of VRChat Plus, a paid subscription service that unlocks several unique perks, such as personalized nameplate icons and 300 favorite avatar slots. According to the official release, VRChat Mobile will be available to all users once it transitions out of alpha at a later date.

In terms of content, you should be to view all Meta Quest content on VRChat Mobile Alpha. That said, interactions with some content might be a “little wonky.” The team is currently on the hunt for any issues, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you discover a bug.

The company states that “most mid-range phones should be fine,” though you should be running at least Android 10 and have a minimum of 6GB of RAM. Other than that, you should be fine. Of course, not every device has been tested by the team, so be prepared for mixed results depending on your hardware.

Credit: VRChat Inc.

“In our tests, the Android client performs well across a variety of devices,” said the company in an official release. “We’d expect it to run at least as well as the Quest version – maybe even better, in a few cases.”

“There is one caveat, though: on a phone, users could be multitasking between a bunch of different apps. If you’re encountering frame drops, we’d encourage you to try closing apps running in the background to see if it improves performance.”

VRChat Mobile Alpha is available now on Android devices for VRChat Plus subscribers with support for gamepads and portrait mode. Similar to Quest and PC players, those on mobile will feature a different tag over their heads. According to the company, an iOS version is currently in the works, but no word yet on an official release date.

For more information check out the full announcement here. Future updates regarding the mobile app will feature the letter “m.”

Feature Image Credit: VRChat Inc.